You’ve probably already worked out your strategy for the New Year, so how is it working out?  Have you written out a set of goals?  Chris Brogan has an interesting approach – he comes up with three ‘words’ to guide activities in the coming year – you can check out his original post here.

My 3 Words for 2011.

What’s interesting when you read the guru sites is that many mention (especially at this time of year) that they will be trying even harder in the New Year to take their own advice. My son brought that home to me by asking how he could promote  a project of his on the web, I gave him an answer and his reply was ‘why don’t you do that then?’ He was right.

So here are my three words for 2011; Divide, Focus, Reinvest

When you look at content creation and webstore promotion the task looks huge and endless, but like everything you can deal with it once piece at a time.

Content creation is not an activity you do for it’s own sake. It’s purpose is more sales. When you’re starting out you have to do it all yourself, but once those sales start coming in you can outsource, you can employ, you will have help.

So begin by taking a look at the whole, huge task and divide it into manageable chunks. Pick the chunk you personally enjoy and really focus on it, don’t be distracted by the people who tell you you must thrown content in every direction. Choose the chunk you enjoy because this is the one you will have to do yourself.

Keep your focus until you see results, then start on the next chunk. At this point you should be able to reinvest, either income from your store which can be used to buy the services of others, or time because you’ve streamlined your operation. Focus on this new type of content until that is also working and then as they say, rinse and repeat.

Divide, Focus, Reinvest. What would your three words be?

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